The Swimmer

Angelic arms stroke the surface of the water—
alluring legs leave temporary ripples and eternal smiles.
Quite pools prove impotent to this swimmers voracity,
great lakes leave her unchallenged, unfulfilled.

There must be somewhere worthy of her effortless glory.

The ocean offers himself to her.

he is not her equal

She burst from the jagged cliffs past the barnacle covered boulders splashing

into his depths without glancing back

to those on shore.


A smile

Unrestrained from earth and sky, she tosses in his waves.

he mocks those restricted to land.

The swimmer swims, but he controls.
Gashes decorate her beautiful limbs.

“i’m alive”

She gulps in more of his intoxicating delights.

For a moment he turns to tend another of his pets

Without his attention she panics and digs to be free

but he returns.
he further seduces her inebriated mind.
There is pleasure in his potion and freedom in his captivity.
he caresses her body and washes her wounds with toxic foam.

“He is so kind. He is my equal, no, no— my god. I’ll always swim in his love.”


A tear

A novice at struggling she pours herself in while those on the shore shout lifelines to pull her


But the sea is far too great and spiritual and harsh.
Her ecstasy and his waves deafen her ears to their mortality.

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  1. Lori,

    Your reference to barnacles was very powerful. You can see how the sea and it’s roughness seem to play with this swimmer as it tosses them to and fro in the water.

    Great work!



  2. Good Stuff Lori,