A Helping Hand

Falling down—by myself
I was caught by a helping hand.

In a forest of greed
My black belly gurgled—
Swelling into more needs
Levi’s, roses, Franklins.

Chilly night with no moon
Stumbled on crooked lies.
Falling down—by myself
Caught by a helping hand.

Veins ripped through His large hand
Lifted me up—I stand.
Brushing off dirt and mire
From years of selfishness.

I look into His eyes
A drop rounds his soft cheek
Smiling He lifts my heart
With no words but a hug.

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  1. This is really good. I like it.
    Great painting too:)

  2. Chelsie,

    Thanks for reading my poem. I’m glad you liked it.

    This poem discusses my life journey. I have received help from Someone that I didn’t deserve help from. So this is my attempt at thanking Him.

    As you may have noticed, each line has six syllables. There are four stanzas. The first two discuss the problem I put myself in. There is a switch on the last line of the second stanza where I’m caught by a helping hand. The last two stanzas show my encounter with Him. He is very strong and able to rescue me from the pit that I dug myself into.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read my poem.



  3. I like your poem, Matt. Glad to be checking out this website. I will try to add something soon! Will

  4. Will,

    Thanks for checking out the website and for reading this poem. Glad you enjoyed it. Was there anything in particular you liked about it? Any message or theme that resonated with you?



  5. i liked the no words but a hug. I really felt it.