This illustrates the conflict of the leisure use of land and farming.

—Joe Fields


My work reflects my interests in Biblical theology, poetry, and the landscape culture and history of rural north Monmouthshire on the Welsh/English border where I live. Fine art is a second profession and a passion. I will complete an M.A. in Printmaking in 2010. I use a variety of techniques in my work but principally, collagraph, woodcut, linocut, rubber stamps, and offset. I hope to draw the viewer into the imagery to explore layered and often ambiguous meanings. My faith is a foundation for my world view and is reflected in my approach to the themes that interest me.

“Agro” is a collagraph print accepted for the 2009 Wrexham Print International. The exhibition was shown in a couple of venues in Wales in 2009 and goes on tour during 2010. It is a complex image with layers of meaning but its theme is the conflict between leisure use of land and farming in the UK. I hope, in a wider context, it will speak to people about development and degradation of the environment.

—Joe Fields

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