Coffee and Control

I believe a well-balanced life begins with letting Another lead.

This painting depicts the difference between what I see as the balanced and unbalanced life. It shows the joy of letting another Person influence our thoughts and actions so we can experience meaning and purpose. As we allow Him to control our decisions and actions, we accomplish tasks otherwise unattainable by ourselves.

Inside this coffee shop, we look through a bottle of water on our table and witness a father enjoying a cup of coffee with his son on the other side of the room. They talk about life issues and develop a close connection while sipping on lattes. The son values his dad’s guidance and wisdom.

To the left sits a son with his back turned against his dad. Yeah, he’s sitting next to his dad with his elbow on the table but he’s not engaging in conversation. He’s perfectly content to turn a cold shoulder toward his dad who cares for him. He rejects being led because he would rather do things his own way.

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  1. This painting describes my struggle between living a life of obedience and rebellion. I often choose to rebel against people I love most. I don’t know why I keep doing this but I do. But sometimes, I choose to obey those in authority over me. I find obedience to authority help give me a “balanced life.”

    In the painting are pictured three figures. The person to the right is me when I choose obedience to my dad. The person to the far left is me when I choose to disobey. When I choose to disobey, I literally turn my back and give him the “cold shoulder.”

    For more information, please read my article on Wikipedia about this painting at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Rodriguezproject