Vietnam Memorial


The grooves stay silent.

I miss ya.

You’re my baby.


Staring into the blackness, I see a woman and son move.

His red shirt reflects off the shiny wall.

Looking up, the sun stings my eyes.

A squirrel hops.

A breeze slides against my face.

Turning, I see my baby and then step away.

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  1. Hey! I really like the images! specially the Vietnam Memorial one.
    I think the page is well designed, and I just love the Idea!!
    Have you visited other artist’s webpages?

  2. Christian,

    Thanks for your comment and note about the Vietnam Memorial piece. I tried to convey the struggle this parent had with remembering their child but at the same time feeling the freedom to continue on with life. I’m glad you took time to reflect upon its meaning.

    Take care,